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  • Allows operator to safely position glass prior to contact with the sealant or tape
  • Eliminates sealant or tape "roll-off" caused by setting glass vertically
  • Allows IG units to be lowered evenly and consistently
  • Maintains seal integrity by positioning unit correctly
  • Avoids scallops and cracks caused by prying unit into position

The HAECO PRO-SET allows you to evenly and safely set your IG units into the frame. The operator selects the profile height to be processed then raises the "lift-fingers" by use of a touch switch. The IG unit is positioned over the profile via the roller supports resting just above the profile allowing the operator to verify proper alignment of the IG prior to setting.  Final setting of the IG is accomplished with the press of a foot switch that slowly lowers the unit into the sealant bed. The unit is now ready to be trimmed-out and cleaned.

Watch the PRO-SET 3400 IN ACTION!