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dynatec-meltersHAECO (Henline Adhesive Equipment Company, Inc.) has been providing sales and service for glue dispensing equipment for 30 years. In addition to our own line of equipment for dispensing cold glue, we are pleased to represent the ITW Dynatec line of hot-melt adhesive solutions.

Over the years our aim has always been to provide our customers with the best counsel, service, and equipment for their adhesive applications. Our years of experience partnered with our portfolio of hot melt solutions offer you the value, service and choice you deserve.


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Hot Melt Controls

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HAECO Mission Statement

By embracing challenge and accountability from our customers and employees, HAECO maintains a work place environment that facilitates achieving personal success for each of our employees. This produces creative energy to approach applications with innovative and practical solutions in design, process and manufacturing to provide the best value for the success of our customer.

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