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The lnControl-S Pattern Controller from HAECO is a pre-programmed Siemens PLC giving you the flexibility to add features as you need them. You are not constrained to a programmed solid-state circuit board that has fixed limits, and often requiring an array of controllers for various applications. Stock one controller that you can unlock features with a license code. A graphic touchscreen HMI is intuitive and simple to use.

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The intuitive graphic touchscreen HMI provides easy navigation for the operator.

Pre-programmed for the most demanding applications, available through licensed configurations and add-ons.

Utilizing the latest in PLC technology from Siemens, a global leader in industrial controls.


  • Full touch screen HMI for intuitive operation
  • Standard or Metric settings
  • Upgradeable features ... pay as your needs grow
  • Single control to handle all your control needs in the plant
  • Minimize inventory
  • High quality Siemens HMI and PLC
  • Latest technology for optimum life span
  • 8 inputs configured to any output
  • 10 glue patterns (20 events)
  • Any glue pattern can have an embedded stitch pattern
  • Random gluing option for any output
  • 99 program storage for quick job set-up


  • 4 independent outputs can be added for a total of 8 independent outputs
  • Jam detection (4 independent locations)
  • Bundle marking

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