Flexo-folder Gluing Systems

HAECO offers complete ready-to-run folder gluing systems that are easy to install and maintain. These systems can be equipped with a variety of options such as glue detection and jam detection to name a few. The HAECO Flexo-folder Gluer can be customized to meet your specific needs. These systems are also very competitively priced allowing you to upgrade your line for less than other similar systems.

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Flexo-Folder Gluer with the DURO Glue Station


Taper Conversion Systems

HAECO can provide you a complete upgrade solution to ad cold glue to your existing General or Universal Taper System. We can replace the tape with glue or we can add glue without removing your taping abilities allowing you to change methods between job types.

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Taper Conversion System

Engineered Gluing Systems

HAECO can dramatically reduce labor cost and increase product quality and consistency with Laminating and or

ther Engineered Gluing Systems. This custom built equipment is engineered for your specific applications. These Gluing Systems work great for specialty corrugated packaging products such as corrugated build-ups, honeycomb, pallets, corrugated parts assembly, foam-to-corrugated, and many other applications.

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Engineered Gluing Systems

HAECO Aftermarket Parts (Valco Compatible)

HAECO manufactures Valco compatible after market parts that cost up to 30% less. We can provide you with Applicator Heads, Valves, Filters, Repair kits, and many other replacement parts. You can also buy these parts online through our catalog.

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HAECO Mission Statement

By embracing challenge and accountability from our customers and employees, HAECO maintains a work place environment that facilitates achieving personal success for each of our employees. This produces creative energy to approach applications with innovative and practical solutions in design, process and manufacturing to provide the best value for the success of our customer.

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